Karel de Geus became a full time coin dealer in 1980. Originally located in the centre of Eindhoven, several years ago his office was moved to its current location in the former premises of the old Rabobank in Veldhoven.

The business expanded, focusing on the organization of auctions, and is now a market leader in the field of coins, historical medals and bank notes. The 41th auction will take place in the beginning of 2016 when it will be possible to look back on more then 20 years of auction history with two auctions held every year. This continuity has been achieved on the one hand thanks to hard work and an experienced team always ready to be of assistance to those who provide us with nice material for auction, and on the other hand, certainly no less important, thanks to our many valued customers here in the Netherlands and worldwide who participate in our sales.

The decision made in 2006 to move the office to the building vacated by the Rabobank in Veldhoven proved exactly right. This location is convenient and easily accessible and all the facilities necessary for an auctioneer are available on the spot. Looking back on almost 20 years as an auction house, it can be said that Karel de Geus Muntveilingen B.V. is a trusted and reliable name in the numismatic world.

A further important platform of the auction house is Munttaxatie.nl., organized in partnership with Romunt B.V. and Mevius Numisbooks International B.V.  Several times a year the partners present their successful formula to the public:

"Wat zijn uw munten waard?"

To do this Munttaxatie.nl arranges meeting places throughout the Netherlands where anyone interested may take advantage of the opportunity to receive free appraisal of their coin collection by a qualified team of good and independent experts who together represent over 100 years of numismatic knowledge and experience.

Ultimately the reputation of Karel de Geus Muntveilingen B.V. is based on knowledge and trust and we hope now and in the near future to be of service to you.

We look forward to seeing you in Veldhoven.

Karel de Geus Muntveilingen BV

Muntenhandel Karel de Geus VOF

Aan- en verkoop van gouden munten

Doorlopend te koop gevraagd gouden beleggingsmunten zoals: Gouden tientjes, Engelse pondjes, krugerranden, American eagles, Canadese maple leaves en andere gouden munten en penningen. Tevens aan- en verkoop van baren goud en zilver.

Wij bieden u een goede prijs op basis van de actuele marktsituatie.